Warranty service

1. General Provisions

Warranty service covers equipment produced by PWM sold through PWM's sales offices, regardless of to whom the equipment was transferred (ie the user or distributor), unless otherwise specified.
The warranty applies only to goods manufactured by PWM. Identification of the equipment is carried out by marking (plate attached to the external casing of the equipment). Marking is an integral part of the equipment and confirms the legitimacy of the warranty claim.
Warranty service covers defects in components and / or equipment in general, declared by the owner during the warranty period.
Warranty service is performed by the Service Center or its authorized representative - an authorized service center.
This warranty covers products that are used for industrial or commercial purposes.
This warranty applies to products that have been purchased from PWM distributors.

2. Terms of warranty repair

The warranty period is calculated from the date of shipment of equipment, which is fixed by the LIR firm and is confirmed by the corresponding entry in the Warranty coupon (base period). It is allowed to extend the warranty period to three calendar months after confirmation from the organization that sold the equipment about the delay in the delivery of this equipment to the owner (an additional period). Outside of the general warranty period (basic plus additional), the liability for warranty maintenance of faulty equipment is borne by the organization that sold the equipment directly.
The warranty period for any electronic equipment produced by PWM LCC is 2 years.
The warranty period for any cable products is 6 months.

The term of warranty repair or replacement of goods is 1 month, not counting the time of return of the goods to the customer. The repair time can be increased by agreement with the client.

3. Expenses for the delivery of goods for warranty repair

All costs for the delivery of goods to the PWM service center are borne by the customer. Send the goods for warranty service by mail or bring them personally to the address of the company. The address of the PWM service center is listed on the website in the "Contacts" section.

4. Place of guarantee

The guarantee for the buyer of PWM products is valid in all countries. Warranty service is carried out in the service centers of PWM. The addresses of the service points are listed on the PWM website.

5. Voluntary Warranty of PWM

In the event that this product does not work properly during the warranty period, the authorized PWM Service Center will make this product capable of performing the functions for which it was designed, without payment of labor costs and spare parts.
The Distributor's obligations are limited, at its sole discretion, either by repair or replacement of the defective product.

6. Disclaimer of warranty. This warranty does not apply to the following cases, except for defective materials or factory defects:

periodic checks, adjustments, maintenance and conversion, as well as replacement parts when they are used normally;
damage caused by accidents, alterations, negligence, use of spare parts of other companies (not PIONEER), misuse, installation or packaging;
damage caused by lightning, water, fire, military actions, public unrest, improper supply voltage, improper ventilation or any
other cases not controlled by the PWM Distributor;
on electronics and electronic components, on which power was supplied, current or voltage more than intended.
for products with changed, missing or incorrect serial numbers;
non-observance of the requirements of the user's instructions, as well as other accompanying manuals or other
accompanying documentation.
PWM is not responsible for any damage to the contents of audio, video and other media, as well as other equipment used when connecting to PWM products.
This warranty is valid for any buyer who legally purchased the product during the warranty period.
This warranty applies exclusively to the purchaser. PWM shall not be liable for any costs of repair or replacement or any
damage or loss, directly or indirectly related to product malfunction.
All warranty repairs must be made by an authorized PWM seller. Repair carried out by an unauthorized workshop will not be refunded and if such repairs
will entail a malfunction of the products, in this case the guarantee will not extend to this product.

7. Warranty and Consumer Rights

A limited two-year PWM warranty is a voluntary manufacturer's warranty. It grants rights regardless of the rights established by the consumer protection law, including, among other things, the right for non-conforming products.
Consequently, the benefits provided by the PWM Limited Annual Guarantee supplement, and do not replace, the rights provided for by consumer protection legislation.
Consumers have the right to choose whether to require service based on the PWM's Limited Annual Guarantee or on the basis of consumer protection legislation.
Important! The terms of the PWM Limited 2 years Guarantee do not apply to claims made under consumer protection law.
This warranty is a supplement to any consumer rights under applicable law. It does not affect any warranty terms and conditions guaranteed to the buyer in the country of purchase in addition to this guarantee.