Application for financing for PWM solar inverters Start-Up

Serial production of solar inverters, power electronics based on electronics repair service.

I ask you to consider an application for financing a young and promising company SIA PWM, specializing in the production of modern power electronics, conversion devices for solar energy. Based on the service of electronics repair.

The first 4 main products of the company:

1.Battery inverter with a clean sine for solar energy for road transport
2. The welding inverter and a powerful power supply - for internal needs of the PWM company itself for emulating the batteries) and can be a charger for electric vehicles.
3. Copper cables with tips for solar energy of large cross-section - 100-1000 amperes.
4.Service center for electronics repair and warranty service for customers.

Amount of financing:

MINIMUM: EUR 25.000 € - rent of premises for production and office
MAXIMUM: EUR 105.000 ++ € buying real estate for business.
The preferred option is to purchase real estate. This allows you to save money on rent.

Type of financing:

Loan or investment in the share of the enterprise
The preferred option is credit

Securing financing

Financing of Start-Up under the ready for serial release and developed by the company intellectual property. The review of motherboards is devoted to text documents and video.

Basic documents on the Start-Up project PWM

Text and documents for Star-Up PWM products on the website:

PWM products:

Video product reviews:

Additional documents

Here you can download the GRAPHIC presentation about Start-Up PWM for investors and financing in ODP format (PowerPioint or LibreOffice Impress presentation):

Here you can download the TEXT presentation FOR INVESTORS AND FINANCING in PDF format:

Here you can download the TEXT presentation FOR INVESTORS AND FINANCING in ODT format:

Here you can download a presentation about the company's product number 1. Overview of the universal motherboard PWM-W1 for welding inverters and powerful power supplies: ODP format. (PowerPioint or LibreOffice Impress presentation):

Here you can download the presentation about the product number 2. Review of the universal motherboard PWM-S1 for solar battery inverters. ODP format:

Application for financing Start-Up PWM, DOCX format:

Project description

PWM LTD manufacture of Power electronics – Welding machines & Solar battery inverter.

PWM ArcStation weldings invertes designed for MMA, TIG, MIG-MAG welding works for industrial & consumers market.

PWM PowerStation inverters convert accumulator battery DC voltage (12V, 24V) into an AC voltage of 220 volts with a sinusoidal waveform, the same as in a household utility network – pure sine. For industrial & consumers free alternative energy market.

Company ready for devices production. The PWM LTD needs financing to start serial production and form a stock of products for sale. Now PWM produce inverters under preorders only.

The company is ready to consider assistance from any investor. Concerning the conclusion of a loan agreement and terms of investment in an enterprise, please call the chairman of the board of PWM.

The development of solar energy is needed all over the planet Earth. Car's & truck's inverters are needed almost every for any vehicle owner. The company's products are in demand all over the world.

The PWM company background

PWM Ltd is operating since 2016. From the beginning the company manages and owns an online store of rare antiques books ( All products are the property of PWM owner Vitalijs Kolesnikovs

Starting from 2014 year the founder & Chairman of the Board of PWM LLC Vitalijs Kolesnikovs research, develop and build universal inverter for weldings (PWM-W1 model) AND solar energy (PWM-S1 model).

Now company PWM offers inverters for customers under preorders only. It is not the best way for selling goods. Not all customers are ready to wait 3 months for an inverter. Company needs to form a stock of inverters for sale worldwide. This allows to sell & to ship the ordered goods immediately.

Owner of the project and contact details

PWM LTD is located in Riga, capital city of Latvia.

Vitalijs Kolesnikovs

Mob. Phone: +371 20511000