Privacy Policy

1. Collection of information
1.1. This Privacy Policy establishes the obligations of the Administration of the website of the online store to not disclose and protect the privacy of personal data that the User provides upon the request of the Site Administration when registering on the website of the online store or when placing an order for the purchase of the Goods. We collect information when you register on the site, go to your account, make a purchase, participate in the promotion and / or exit the account. The information includes your name, email address, phone number and credit card information.
1.2. In addition, we automatically register your computer and browser, including IP, software and hardware data, as well as the address of the requested page.
1.3. Personal data authorized for processing under this Privacy Policy is provided by the User by filling out the registration form on the online store name of the Store Name in the Section Name section and includes the following information:, name, patronymic of the User;
1.3.2. contact phone of the User;
1.3.3. e-mail address;
1.3.4. the delivery address of the Goods;
1.3.5. place of residence of the User.
1.4. The online store protects data that is automatically transmitted during the viewing of ad units and when visiting pages on which the statistical script of the system ("pixel") is installed:
1.4.1. IP address;
1.4.2. information from cookies;
1.4.3. information about the browser (or other program that provides access to the display of advertising);
1.4.4. access time;
1.4.5. the address of the page on which the ad unit is located;
1.4.6. referrer (address of the previous page).
2. Use of information. The information we receive from you can be used to:
2.1. Make services suitable for your individual needs
2.2. Offer personalized advertising
2.3. Improve our site
2.4. Improve user support system
2.5. Contacting you by email
2.6. Arrange a share, competition or organize a study

3. Protection of personal data in online sales
We are the sole owner of the information collected on this site. Your personal data will not be sold or in any way transferred to third parties for any reason, except for the necessary data to fulfill the request or transaction, for example, when sending the order.

4. Disclosure of information to third parties
4.1. We do not sell, exchange or transfer personal data to third parties. This does not apply to reliable companies that help us in the operation of the site and conduct business, provided that they agree to maintain the confidentiality of information.
4.2. We are ready to share information to prevent crime or help in their investigation if it is a question of suspicion of fraud, actions that physically threaten people's safety, violations of the rules of use or in cases where it is provided by law.
4.3. Non-confidential information can be provided to other companies for marketing, advertising, etc.

5. Protection of information
5.1. We use a variety of security features to ensure the safety of your personal data. Only those employees who work with a specific task (for example, technical support or payment) get access to personal data. Servers and computers on which confidential information is recorded are in a safe environment.
5.2. Use of cookies. Our cookies are used to improve access to the site and determine repeat visits. In addition, they allow you to track the most interesting queries. The cookies do not transmit any confidential information.

6. Unsubscribing
6.1. We use e-mail to provide you with information on your order, company news, product information, etc. 6.2. If you wish to unsubscribe, each letter provides detailed instructions on how you can do this.

7. Consent
7.1. By using the services of our website, you automatically agree to our privacy policy.
7.2. In the presence of the Client's desire to receive information messages of the PWM Store, he will be given the opportunity to choose such an option.
7.3. A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a site and stored in the user's browser while the user browses the site. Every time a user downloads this site, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify the user of previous activity. Cookies allow you to resume previous activities on the site, remembering the login, the selected topic and other personal preferences, and also give us the opportunity to offer you content in which you may be interested. Thanks to cookies we can:
7.3.1. Ensure consistent functionality while visiting the site
7.3.2. Ensure the correct functionality of the shopping basket
7.3.3. Remind you about the products you like
7.3.4. Collecting the history of visiting our site by users
7.3.5. To get information about deleting all saved cookies from your computer, check the browser's settings, which can be found in its menu, in the "Help" section.
7.4. Attention: without using cookies our site will not be able to function properly.
7.5. When ordering goods, the Customer is obliged to indicate the necessary personal data: name, surname, delivery address, phone number, other information necessary for delivery. PWM confirms that this information will be used solely for the purposes of ordering and delivery of goods. PWM undertakes not to disclose the information provided to it to third parties, with the exception of PWM Store partners who deliver goods or provide other services related to the placement or execution of orders. Any exceptions to the privacy rules of the Customer's personal information in all cases must be agreed with the Customer. In any case, any personal data of the Client can be provided to third parties only in the manner prescribed by legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
When registering with the PWM Store and when ordering the goods, the Customer undertakes to keep and not to transfer his registration data to anyone. However, the Client confirms that he is of age and has the right to order goods in the PWM Store. In the event that the Customer discloses its registration information to third parties, PWM is released from any responsibility for the consequences of such an action.
Upon acquaintance with the Rules, the Client must confirm that he knows the fact that when visiting the PWM Store, cookies will be placed in his computer (these are files that are transferred when communicating with the server).
7.6. The PWM store confirms that it seeks to use the latest technology to protect the personal data of the Client.

8. Obligations of the parties
8.1. The User is obliged:
8.1.1. Provide information about the personal data necessary to use the Site online store.
8.1.2. Update, supplement the provided information about personal data in case of changing this information.
8.2. The site administration is obliged to:
8.2.1. Use the information received solely for the purposes specified in paragraph 4 and in paragraph 5 of this Privacy Policy.
8.2.2. To ensure that confidential information is not kept secret, not to disclose without the prior written permission of the User, as well as not to sell, exchange, publish or disclose other personal data of the User, except for cl. 4.2. and 4.3. this Privacy Policy.
8.2.3. Take precautions to protect the privacy of the User's personal data in accordance with the procedure normally used to protect such information in the existing business.
8.2.4. To block personal data related to the relevant User from the moment of request or request of the User or his legal representative or authorized body for protection of the rights of subjects of personal data for the verification period, in case of revealing unreliable personal data or illegal actions.