Work in the PWM marketing department and affiliate program

PWM offers a job in the marketing department for people who know how to sell and effectively advertise solar power stations on the Internet. We offer a stable payment, plus interest from sales.

For permanent work in the company people are accepted who have proven themselves to be a sufficient level of sales of goods. To track this level, special variables are used, which are added to the links to the advertised products. Each employee of the marketing department has a unique tracking code.
The tracking code (for example 77777) is added to any product in this way:

Received orders with your tracking code can be viewed at:

Everyone can register for the affiliate program at this address

Participation in the affiliate program for the promotion of PWM products is available to anyone who wishes, at the age of 18.

What need to do:
register as a partner at this address
advertise products with links

Link generation is possible automatically, or manually, simply by adding to the URL of any product: ?tracking=77777
Automatic generation of links to products is located at:

To generate, enter the name of the product in the "Create referral link" field and select it.

After registering as a PWM partner, you will have access to your account at this address:

What are you getting?

PWM gives you an easy way to generate revenue without doing anything complicated. Simply provide Internet users with information about PWM products and receive a 15% commission after each successful sale. For example, the product costs 300 euros, you get 45 euros for a successful purchase, and this is just one transaction! This requires minimal effort on your part. Each time your referral program earns € 100, you can transfer it to your bank account or PayPal.

15% of each customer who bought the company's product on the PWM website, through your personal affiliate link.
Easy tracking of each visit by your link. Product purchase order statistics are always displayed in your personal account so you can monitor the latest activities and progress of your campaigns.
PWM is always ready to provide you with all the necessary text blocks, descriptions, translations and media files.

Important terms of work for the affiliate program

The partner must add tracking with his code at the end of the product URL. Not a category. Not the whole store. Only one specific product. If the customer buys another product, the partner receives NOTHING.

If the customer buys 3 products, the partner receives payment only for one product, which he referred to.

It is prohibited to use the affiliate sales program for unfair use

When ordering and refusing to pay for goods by the customer, no money is accrued on the partner program

If the customer refuses the goods or refunds for the goods, the affiliate commission is taken from the participant's affiliated balance.

Payment of the agency commission to the partner of the partner program takes place not less than a month after the transaction, in order to avoid cases of fraud.