Industrial production in Europe

By developing production in your country, you give an opportunity for entrepreneurs in Europe, the United States or Russia not only to earn money and pay taxes, but also to create jobs in your country.

Enough to sponsor the Chinese Communists!

With such calls, I appeal to all citizens of Europe, the United States and Russia who want to develop their economies, improve their welfare in the long term.

In recent times, there has been a trend, the rejection of production in their countries and the support of Chinese producers. Chinese Communists are now producing cheap and mostly low-quality products and are trying to crush production with their dumping prices.

Do not be tempted by the tempting prices of handicrafts by Chinese Communists. Buying their products, you not only get low-quality handicrafts, but also support the development of production in China, and not in your country and not in your region..
In addition to the temptation of low prices, many Chinese Communists sell their goods with counterfeit characteristics that are overstated or understated several times to create an impression of quality, power, reliability and high efficiency. Do not blindly believe these parameters, especially at a phenomenally low price.

In addition, if we are talking about electronics, many Chinese manufacturers are trying to use the cheapest electronic components and electrical circuitry solutions. This approach gives additional mega-profit to Chinese artisans, and the buyers of such equipment give only disappointment and a quick exit of Chinese handicrafts of their order.

In addition, the lack of guarantee for the technique and any responsibility of unscrupulous Chinese artisans for the quality of their product makes it possible to continue to deceive buyers around the world. And do it with impunity, with profit for yourself and developing the economy of communist China.

Dear Europeans, residents of the two Americas, Russia and other free countries - is it time to stop feeding the Communists of China and start to produce high-quality and affordable goods in their countries?

I summarize the shortcomings of buying Chinese hand-made articles:

lack of guarantee
non-compliance with the claimed specifications
overall low quality
poor circuit electronics solutions
support for China's economy of communism (this is surprising, because communism is banned in the US and in Europe.)

Buying equipment and any other products made in Europe, in America or in Russia, you get not only a quality product, but you help the economy of your region, in contrast to China. Buying not Chinese products, you give the opportunity to create new jobs for businessmen in your region, and do not feed numerous Chinese comrades. And this, in turn, improves the welfare of workers, pensioners, your relatives, children and friends in your country.

In conclusion, I summarize the advantages of the products from the European company PWM

two-year product warranty
adequate technical parameters that correspond to reality
high quality products
advanced technical solutions in the field of electronics
support of the European manufacturer of devices for alternative energy
excellent and competitive prices
made in Europe

Chairman of the Board of PWM
Vitalijs Kolesnikovs.