TESTER for the self-oscillating half-bridge drive IR2153 & similar pinout ICs WITH VISUAL CONTROL+ ZENER / TVS diodes/ TL431 TESTER

On the basis of the IR2153 microcircuits and MOSFETs, a large number of pulse power supply circuits has been designed. Unfortunately, very often this microcircuit fails, it simply burns when the device is not working properly or during the experiments of a radio amateur. Does the power supply stop working on the IR2153 series microcircuit? No generation of pulses of the IR2153 series microcircuit? Is the IR2153 chip burned out or out of order? How to check the health of IR2153 series chip? This task is solved by the PWM TEST2153 device.

It is also very important to check the new chips of the IR2153 series before installing them in the device. Often, microcircuits purchased in China are defective or simply fake. For a fake microcircuit a separate unit may not work, or, for example, generation is not stable. Even options are possible with the simultaneous inclusion of both channels, which will lead to 100% damage to expensive and powerful MOSFET transistors, which are controlled by the IR2153 chip. Often there is not a correct marking of the IR2153 series of microcircuits, when a microcircuit without a built-in diode is marked as a microcircuit with its presence IR2153D. Of course, the scheme will not work.

Therefore, we recommend that you check even the new IR2153 series chips for operability. Even original semiconductor integrated circuits can be damaged by static voltage during transportation. The device PWM-TEST2153 allows you to check the chip series IR2153 simple, easy and with visual control of the work. Even without an oscilloscope, you can check the IR2153 series chips. And with an oscilloscope, you can check the quality and operation parameters in more detail. But usually visual inspection with LEDs is enough.

The self-oscillating half-bridge drive IR2153 chip series tester is available in two versions:

    1. The DIY version of the device for self-assembling. This version comes in the form of parts and a set of electronic components for assembling the device. It is necessary to solder the electronic components on the printed circuit board, twist and assemble the details of the device.
    2. The READY version of the device assembled by the PWM company and is ready for use  

The device's  PWM-TEST2153 online documentation & manuals

The PWM company provide two manuals for this testing tool at company's website http://pwm.company. You can find all information using the model name TEST2153:

  1. DIY instructions guide for assembling the components of the circuit board, for testing and using
  2. DIY assembly Guide of enclosures for PWM-TOOLS testers.


The main functions of the PWM-TEST2153 tool:

    1. Popular IC IR2153 series tester & PWM push-pull mode generator with regulated frequency
    2. High voltage generator MAXIMUM 46V with voltage regulation & voltmeter on board. 4A input current  MAXIMUM.
    3. Tester of zeners 40V max / Tester of TVS diodes/ Tester of adjustable zener IC TL431.

Officially supported chips for the testing in DIP8 package

IR2153 IR2153D IR2520  IR2151 IR2151 IR2153 IR2155 L6569 L6571. This list can be extended in the future. This testing tool allows to test IC in DIP8 package, but using IC package adapter may test SMD chips as well. SMD adapter not include in standard equipment.

The testing tool provide testing of the main blocks of IR2153 series chips:

     1. PWM output generation block test for both channels HIGH & LOW. Visual LED testing & external oscilloscope test modes.
     2. Reference voltage (aprox. 15.6V) regulator block test
     3. Internal diode presence checking (with switch SW4)
     4. Frequency regulation test

IR2153 series chips output can be tested in two modes:

            1. visual mode with LED blinking in low frequencies mode (SW2 switch should be pressed ON)
            2. oscilloscope mode, using external oscilloscope

Tester of zeners 40V max / Tester of TVS diodes/ Tester of adjustable zener IC TL431

The device can test the reference voltage and display the result of stabilization at the voltmeter on the board.  40V ZENER & TVS MAX can be tested.  For TL431 testing set voltage less than 36V first!


The AC-DC power adapter is not included. For the powering of the device you can use any DC adapter or any DC power source 10V-20V and with minimum 0.3A output current. The connector type: male DC Power Jack 5.5x2.1mm (DC-005 Jack). Do not exceed 22V input voltage. Power the device from current limited 8A MAXIMUM source & protected from mains for the safety reason.

Device functions 1. Popular IC IR2153 series tester & PWM push-pull mode generator with regulated frequency 2. High voltage generator MAXIMUM 46V with voltage regulation & voltmeter on board. 4A input current MAXIMUM. 3. Zener / TVS diodes/ TL431 stabilization voltage tester.
PCB design's version 2 or 2.1
Device input voltage 10-20V DC. 0.3A MIN. 4A MAX, 8A PEAK MAX
Device output voltage 46V MAXIMUM voltage , regulated with potentiometer & with built in voltmeter
Voltage converterter YES, DC-DC boost converter up to 46V
Tested Integrated circuit
Tested chip's description IR2153 is an improved version of the IR2155 and IR2151 drivers, which contains a high-voltage half-bridge driver with a generator similar to the industrial timer 555 (K1006IV1). The IR2153 features better functionality and is easier to use than previous chips. The off function in this device is combined with the output of the PT, while the shutdown of both channels occurs when the control signal is low. In addition, the formation of output pulses is associated with the moment of intersection of the increasing voltage on the Vcc threshold of the blocking circuit from undervoltage, thereby achieving a higher stability of the pulses at start-up. Noise resistance has been significantly improved by reducing the rate of change in driver current (di / dt) and also by increasing the hysteresis of the undervoltage blocking circuit (to 1V). Finally, considerable attention was paid to increasing the durability of the latches and to providing comprehensive protection against electrostatic discharges on all the leads.
Officially supported chips of tester IR2153 IR2153D IR2520 IR2151 IR2151 IR2153 IR2155 L6569 L6571

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IR2153 Series IC Chip Tester PWM-TEST2153

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Supported CHIPS: IR2153, IR2153D, IR2520, IR2151, IR2151, IR2153, IR2155, L6569, L6571