PWM cashback service

Cashback service from  PWM company allows you to save money when buying goods from PWM. PWM's cashback service refers to PWM products sold through the company's Web sites. We will return 15% of the purchase amount.

Cashback service works as well as the affiliate program, except that the buyer is the partner himself.

What should I do to receive cashback when buying PWM products?

You need to register with a partner
You should place a link on the Internet for a specific PWM product with a tracking number for your link
Go to this link and buy the product

All the rules of the PWM cashback service are similar to the rules of the PWM affiliate program
The rules are at this address:

An important condition: cashback is calculated only for the purchase of one unit of a particular product.

Why do I need PWM's cashback service?

You help to advertise the company's products on the Internet, and we give you a discount. For everyone's pleasure and mutual benefit.