Inverters for solar energy for home and car
Production of pure sine inverters for cars and homes
Free green energy of the sun and wind
Inverters pure sine for wind and solar stations

Inverters for cars, trucks and solar stations

The company PWM produces battery voltage converters of different power, which generate an alternating voltage of 220 (240 or 120 volts) sinusoidal form. The company's products are intended for drivers of personal cars (12 volts), for truck drivers (24 volts) and solar energy (48 and 96 volts).

The inverters that PWM manufactures and sells generate an AC voltage of 220 volts with a frequency of 50 (60) hertz from the batteries. The batteries are charged by the car's engine, either by solar panels or by a wind generator. PWM inverters are rated power. Unlike the Chinese Communists, who indicate the impulse power of inverters within a few milliseconds. The European manufacturer PWM indicates the nominal power of the inverter, which allows it to work on it for a long time.

Made in Europe!